A Guide to the Wildlife of Philadelphia and Where to Find It.

This is a continuously updated guide to the most common species of wildlife (animals, plants, fungi, and slime molds) observed in Philadelphia. Species are not necessarily added in order of how common they are, rather they are the most commonly added species from Philadelphia on iNaturalist.

Native Holly Leafminer
Native Holly Leafminer


Have you ever seen weird squiggly lines or puffy-looking blotches on leaves? If you have, you’ve probably seen the tracks of leafminers. Leafminers are not a taxonomic group, but rather a grouping based on their shared behavior. Adults of some insects lay their eggs in the tissues of the leaves and when they hatch, the larvae eat their way through the tissue layer in between the upper and lower leaf surfaces. The leaf mines are often diagnostic and you can identify many of them down to species level from the host plant and pattern.


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Song Sparrow
Song Sparrow


Bird's-eye Speedwell

Bird’s-eye Speedwell

Non-native groundcover common in disturbed areas in yards, fields and forest edges.
Bloom color: Purple, blue
Bloom time: March, April, May
Habit: Groundcover
Flowers: Irregular flowers with 4 petals, with the lower petal usually narrower than the other three. The petals are blue to purple with darker lines and white bases. Long pedicels.
Leaves: Ovate leaves that are usually opposite but alternate on the upper stem. Leaf edges are bluntly toothed. Top of leaves are sparsely hairy.
Fruit: Seed capsules that are wider than tallMore